POP Editorial Services LLC | Guest Post: Suitcase, by Barbara Hinkebein
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Guest Post: Suitcase, by Barbara Hinkebein

The POP Newsletter is thrilled to present the writing of Barbara Hinkebein, who submitted this poem in response to the writing prompt “suitcase.”





You don’t really know me
You don’t know what I’ve seen
You’ve been in your suitcase
You’ve been in a dream.


The more I try and tell you
That everything’s o.k.
The more you ask me questions
The more I run away.

I’ve lived so many lives
I don’t know where to begin
You think I should just tell you
You think because you’re kin.

The struggles that I’ve had
You will begin to see
I am like nobody else
I am not yet free.

Someday I will tell you
All about what I’ve been through
Then you will know what I know
Then you will know the truth.

–Barbara Hinkebein

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Katherine Pickett
1 Comment
  • Wow! I’m very impressed. I would LOVE to see more of her work!

    August 31, 2015 at 3:20 pm