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POP Editorial Services, Hop On Publishing, Katherine Pickett, developmental editor, copy editor, proofreader
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POP Editorial Services

Celebrating 10 Years of Editorial Excellence!

Welcome to POP Editorial Services, LLC. I’m Katherine Pickett, owner and editor at POP. Are you searching for a top-notch proofreader, copyeditor, or developmental editor? With POP, that’s exactly what you get!


My mission at POP is to make authors look good. No one wants to be embarrassed by mistakes and typos in his or her writing. As an editor with more than 15 years of experience, I can help you create something that not only protects your reputation as an author but improves it.

Contact me today to arrange a free, 30-minute consultation. Together we can determine exactly what kind of editing will best fit your needs.


phone: 301-754-3547
e-mail: katherine@popediting.net

Copyediting · Proofreading · Developmental Editing

Because Everyone Needs an Editor.