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Receive Writing Prompts and Get Published on This Blog!

The Hop On Newsletter — the email newsletter from POP Editorial Services and Hop On Publishing — has introduced a new feature that I am incredibly excited about. Each month the newsletter will feature two writing prompts. Those who take the challenge, create something in response to the prompt, and submit it to me will have their piece published on The POP Newsletter!


Why am I doing this? For two reasons, really:


  1. The art and craft of writing require regular exercise of the creativity muscle. I want to be a part of your exercise routine.

  3. Writers learn a lot by being published. Small venue, large venue — either way, putting your work out into the world is an amazing, soul-bearing, scary and wonderful experience. It’s addictive and I think every writer should try it.

I have just a few rules:

  • The piece must clearly relate to the prompt.


  • Genre and style are open, but no erotica, please.


  • Publication is at my discretion.


  • Some editing may be required before publication.


This opportunity is exclusively for newsletter subscribers. If you also want to receive writing prompts and have your work published on this blog, you can sign up for the Hop On Newsletter here.
I look forward to reading your latest and greatest!

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Katherine Pickett