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Recent Titles

I have had the pleasure of editing hundreds of projects throughout my career in the publishing industry. This list is a sampling of recent and notable works.

  • I’m Not Chinese: The Journey from Resentment to Reverence, by Raymond M. Wong  (Apprentice House)
  • Newspaperman, by Warren Phillips (McGraw-Hill Professional)
  • Cowboy Stuntman, by Dean Smith and Mike Cox (Texas Tech University Press)
  • The Quiet Season, by Jerry Apps (Wisconsin Historical Society)
  • The Days Are Gods, by Liz Stephens (University of Nebraska Press)
  • 5 Steps to a 5: AP Biology, 2013 Edition, by Mark Anestis (McGraw-Hill Professional)
  • Amplify Your Career and Life: 4 Steps to Evaluate, Assess, and Move Forward, by Peter C. Diamond (River Grove Books)
  • Vintage Wisconsin Gardens: A History of Home Gardening, by Lee Somerville (Wisconsin Historical Society)
  • Grace in a Wintry Season: A Spiritual Memoir, by Edwin Steinmann (self-published)
  • Leading After a Layoff, by Ray Salemi (McGraw-Hill Professional)
  • Vengeance Is Mine, by Bill Neal (University of North Texas Press)
  • Schaum’s Outline: Emergency Nursing, by James Keogh (McGraw-Hill Professional)
  • Indian Nations of Wisconsin: Histories of Endurance, 2nd edition, by Pat Loew (Wisconsin Historical Society)
  • Quilt House: The International Quilt Study Center and Museum, by Barbara W. Sommer (University of Nebraska Press)
  • Native South, volumes 1-5 (journal) (University of Nebraska Press)
  • My Life with the Green and Gold: Tales from 20 Years of Sportscasting, by Jessie Garcia (Wisconsin Historical Society)
  • Hacksaw: The Jim Duggan Story, by Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Scott E. Williams (Triumph Books)
  • Playing to Win: Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, by David Magee (Triumph Books)
  • Dick Vermeil: Whistle in His Mouth, Heart on His Sleeve, by Gordon Forbes (Triumph Books)
  • Harvey Girl, by Sheila Wood Foard (Texas Tech University Press)
  • Father Groppi: Marching for Civil Rights, by Stuart Stotts (Wisconsin Historical Society Press)
  • Chris Plata: From Fields to Stage, by Maia A. Surdam (Wisconsin Historical Society Press)
  • Your Winding Daybreak Ways (7-book series), by Gary Bargatze (Rigor Hill Press)
  • Hive (short story series), by Jim King (aois21)
  • Indivisible: A History of the Second American Civil War, by Paul Midden
  • Oil in the Wok, by YuMin Ye (AKA Publishing)
  • Sandhill County Lines: Stories, by Clay Reynolds (Texas Tech University Press)
  • Quarry, by Susan Miller Cummins (Texas Tech University Press)
  • Unfinished Masterpiece: The Harlem Renaissance Fiction of Anita Scott Coleman, by Laurie Champion and Bruce A. Glasrud (Texas Tech University Press)
Because Everyone Needs an Editor.
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