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Tracking Your Story’s Timeline

Keeping a consistent timeline in your story is crucial to earning your readers' trust. Readers will become frustrated if your characters seem to be jumping through the seasons at will or if too much has happened for only one week to have passed.   Although this may seem like a problem only novelists would confront, memoirists, short story writers, and anyone else writing about events that take place over time need to pay attention to their timelines also.   If you haven't kept your outline up to date while you're writing, do what your editor will do. Go through the manuscript and note all of the plot points that hinge on or mention timing. Write down the date and season, and if needed, count the days and weeks (and hours?) that would have passed...

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#Writetip: Taking Part in Writing Contests

New year, new slate of writing contests! Some writers question the value in writing contests. Some of them are expensive, and what do you really get out of them? It's a valid question, and I would advise anyone planning to enter a contest to consider these points:   How prestigious is the contest? How much does it cost? How likely are you to win?   Entering every contest that comes up does not serve your writing reputation. Being selective and pinpointing those contests that are prestigious yet hold a real possibility for you to win can elevate your reputation, increase your exposure, and sometimes provide a significant financial reward. If you have the urge to participate in as many contests as possible, I recommend setting a budget for contests to encourage you to be more selective.   Are...

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Thank You!

A hearty thank you to everyone who made our Cyber Monday sale a success! Our goal with Perfect Bound has always been to help new authors avoid the mistakes that so many others have made. We hope we can do the same for you!   Online reviews help us to reach even more people who need this book. We encourage you to leave your thoughts on your favorite bookseller's site. Here are a few links to make it easy: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads. Some readers have written blog posts about Perfect Bound. If you do so, please feel free to share the link with us. We are happy to help promote your blog.   And don't forget, the Hop On Newsletter has a new feature: writing prompts. If you respond to one of the writing prompts, we...

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It’s Cyber Monday at Hop On Publishing

It’s here! Today is Cyber Monday, the best day for shopping online, and Hop On Publishing is making it the best ever.


Today only, get Perfect Bound: How to Navigate the Book Publishing Process Like a Pro print edition for just $9.99 plus shipping. That’s more than 20% off! Or select the ebook for just $2.99 — more than 60% off the regular price!

Guest Post: Thanksgiving Transition, by Walter F. Curran

This week The POP Newsletter presents the writing of Walter F. Curran, who submitted this essay in response to the writing prompt “Thanksgiving.” Many thanks to Walter for sharing his writing with us.



Walter_CurranThanksgiving Transition

Yeah, that’s right, transition, not tradition.
I am from South Boston, unavoidably, indelibly Irish. A few Lace Curtain types but mostly pig-shit Irish regularly ensconced on their corner pub thrones. A chronic forum for ridiculing the Lace Curtain Irish, claiming disdain but evincing envy. The Lace Curtains in turn behaved the same toward the Boston Brahmins. No one happy being themselves. Only the Irish!

Is a Manuscript Assessment What You Need?

There comes a point in the life of every writing project when the writer has taken the piece as far as she can by herself. You have probably experienced this. It's when you finish revising your manuscript for the fourth or fifth time and think, "I have no idea if this is even any good." When you reach that stage, you have some options on how to proceed.   One option is to take your manuscript to a critique group. Or you might connect with beta readers online to get their input. Or perhaps you decide to share the manuscript with other writer friends to see what they think. Each of these options will give you more information about what you are writing and how you can improve it. Eventually, however, you will reach the...

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Guest Post: Suitcase, by Barbara Hinkebein

The POP Newsletter is thrilled to present the writing of Barbara Hinkebein, who submitted this poem in response to the writing prompt "suitcase."     Suitcase   You don't really know me You don't know what I've seen You've been in your suitcase You've been in a dream.   The more I try and tell you That everything's o.k. The more you ask me questions The more I run away.   I've lived so many lives I don't know where to begin You think I should just tell you You think because you’re kin.   The struggles that I've had You will begin to see I am like nobody else I am not yet free.   Someday I will tell you All about what I've been through Then you will know what I know Then you will know the truth.   --Barbara Hinkebein       If you would like to see your work published on this blog, join The Hop On Newsletter and...

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Receive Writing Prompts and Get Published on This Blog!

The Hop On Newsletter — the email newsletter from POP Editorial Services and Hop On Publishing — has introduced a new feature that I am incredibly excited about. Each month the newsletter will feature two writing prompts. Those who take the challenge, create something in response to the prompt, and submit it to me will have their piece published on The POP Newsletter!


Why am I doing this? For two reasons, really:

What I Know About Book Signings

In Perfect Bound: How to Navigate the Book Publishing Process Like a Pro, I sum up my thoughts on book signings and their usefulness to an author in just a couple of paragraphs:   On Book Signings Arranging a book signing can take a lot of time and effort, and you aren’t likely to sell more than a few books. That is why traditional publishers have lost interest. Self-publishers, however, still like to work this angle. Whether these authors receive adequate return on investment is up for debate, but with the right book in the right location, it might be. If nothing else, it gets your name out there and keeps you engaged with marketing.   Some independent bookstores and cafés like to host these events for local authors, whether they are independently or...

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