POP Editorial Services LLC | Wednesday #Writetip: Save Money When You Get Your Grammar Up to Snuff
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Wednesday #Writetip: Save Money When You Get Your Grammar Up to Snuff

If you want to save money on editing, your first step is improving your writing. Get your grammar and punctuation up to snuff by picking up a couple of language guides.

    The Elements of Style by Strunk and White continues to be a favorite of mine for its brevity, humor, and accessibility.
    The Chicago Manual of Style offers the other extreme of long and slightly cumbersome but also authoritative.
    The Elephants of Style by Bill Walsh is a slightly irreverent guide that covers topics many other books ignore.
    Random House’s Webster Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation will answer almost any question you may have.


You can find more information online. Helpful websites include:


Grammar doesn’t have to be boring, and getting familiar with the rules can save you hundreds of dollars. What are your favorite grammar guides?
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Katherine Pickett
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