POP Editorial Services LLC | Wednesday #Writetip: Spend Time with Your Target Audience
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Wednesday #Writetip: Spend Time with Your Target Audience

One fast way to get in touch with your target audience is to go where your readers spend their time. Often that means finding the organizations and associations that cater to them and spending time with them both online and in person.
If you don’t know what associations or organizations might be appropriate for your readers, you can do an Internet search and pull up hundreds of possibilities.
Besides an Internet search, another resource to consider is the Encyclopedia of Associations. Although this tome of roughly 26,000 organizations nationwide would cost you nearly $1,200 to own, you may be able to get it out of the library. Some libraries also have access to the searchable database online.
Then dive in to those organizations that you find most relevant. That means attending meetings regularly, arriving early and staying late to meet people, and following blogs or Facebook groups. I also recommend planning to ask a question at meetings so that other attendees get to know you — and you get to know them!
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Katherine Pickett
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